Military Hawaii

Know where this is? Neither do I, but you can bet it's not far from a base!

Military presence in Hawaii is hard to miss.  Every branch of the US military is well represented here.  The combined total of men and women who serve on the various bases in Hawaii is over 45,000 people. 

And then there's the site of one of the few sovereign US attacks:  The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  It's one of the island's top tourist destinations, for good reason.  It's definitely on my "must see" list.

If you're military, moving to Hawaii, and looking for specifics, you'll most likely want to contact your command.  I'll go over some general information on the bases, and some tips you might find useful.  Click on the name of the installation for outside information.

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Air Force

There are two Air Force bases on the island of Oahu. 


There are five Army bases on Oahu:

Coast Guard

There is one Coast Guard Station on Oahu:


There is one Marine base on Oahu:


There are three Navy bases on Oahu:

Probably the biggest military question AFTER the whole "Where/when are we going?!" thing is "Where will we live?".  There is a lot of military housing available in Hawaii, in theory.  When we lived there, a lot of the homes were being updated, and the waiting list was LONG.  At least 6 months.  I'm hearing this is better now, but it never hurts to be prepared.  Have your keys in hand before you cancel your back up plan.

There are definitely challenges as well as perks to being military and stationed in Hawaii.  Cost of living is high, and the government attempts to mitigate that with COLA and benefits, such as the commissaries, Space A travel, lodging, and designated medical centers.  There are also lots of local discounts for local businesses, and once you have a local address, some places will let you combine both military and kamaaina (or local) discounts. 

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