Live Aloha

My old backyard in Kailua

Or, how I bring Aloha into my daily life when I'm not on island

I'm a bit of a nomad.  Hawaii is not where I was born, and it's not where I currently live.  My home is wherever I am, and I realize I do a disservice to my sons, my husband, and myself if I talk about a "home" that is not where we are.  Being present is important!

We try to simply live our truths, rather than talk about it.  We take our favorite aspects of what we learned in every place we've lived (three US states and two Canadian provinces in five years!), and we mold it into something we can use. 

Love it or not, Hawaii will leave an impression on you.  I moved there in the midst of several major life changes and left a different person, on a different path.  And that's why I keep as much Aloha in my daily life as possible, because it grounds me to the person I want to be.

And now for a biggish question...why bother?  Why want to be elsewhere?  I live in a pretty great place now, to be honest, complete with an ocean.  But there's a magic in the air that's missing for me here.  Also, mountains.  Mountains are missing here.

Ko'olau Mountains

And isn't that what it's about?  Finding our passions?  Living a life that we can look back on with contented heart?  Are YOU happy where you are?  I am happy here, and I've made a home here, but let's be honest:  if you're gonna have a second home, Hawaii is pretty hard to beat.

Onward to my happy place!

When you think of home, where do your thoughts go?  Home to me is a combination of being comfortable, near family and friends and their spirit of love, acceptance, and support, enjoying amazing and healthful food, and just flourishing with all my favorite things.

So I've got my own ideas and habits.  Like everything else here, this is a work in progress :)  Dive in!

  • Home Life and Lifestyle:  Conservation and Stewardship, Minimalism, Locavore, Conscientious Consumerism, DIY, Family, Home, and Yard
  • Recipes:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers (or pupus), and Drinks
  • Spiritual and Personal:  Finding your Path, Avoiding Burnout, Paradigm Shifts, Ho'oponopono, Energy Healing, and Replenishing your Soul

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