My Diet:  The Real Food I Use to Feel My Best (Short Primer)

I'm not a "beat you over the head with my knowledge" type person.  My knowledge is built on my experiences, my body.  I don't follow one type of diet...if anything, I'd call myself an intuitarian ;)  Take this for what it is, my OPINIONS, based on MY research and experience.  I'm NOT a doctor or health care professional.  *If you have health issues, please find a caring, compassionate, and competent medical professional!*

Here are my personal go to's with my diet:

  • Organic, whole, pastured foods as much as possible.  Specifically, food that doesn't have ingredients because they ARE ingredients.
  • No GLUTEN*
  • I avoid most dairy, although I have added grassfed butter and small amounts of cheese, cream cheese, and sour cream back into my diet after nearly a year without.
  • No processed sugars--I stick with raw honey, grade B maple syrup, dates (especially those last six weeks of pregnancy--6 a day, ladies!!), and occasionally coconut sugar. 
  • I avoid processed foods.  I do eat sustainably caught, low mercury canned tuna (even during pregnancy), primal mayo, organic ketchup, occasionally gluten free bread, etc..  I swap out spiralized veggies for noodles in most cases, and use things like cauliflower crust for pizza.
  • I prefer veggies and fruit grown in my yard.  There is a study (and if I EVER find it, I will absolutely post it here) that says plants grown and tended to by YOU are optimized to meet YOUR PERSONAL vitamin/mineral requirements...much like how breastmilk changes to meet the nutritional needs of baby.  AMAZING.
  • I love kombucha, and since this is fermented, it technically has alcohol.  Otherwise I don't drink alcohol while pregnant, and RARELY otherwise.
  • I drink a lot of filtered water (I use this), fizzy water (made with this), herbal teas (like these), and less often smoothies and fresh juice.
  • My favorite snacks are fruit/veg/cheese plates, homemade GF pretzels with cheese sauce, hot cacao, and smoothies.
  • I ALWAYS eat breakfast.  My favorites are breakfast burritos, eggs benedict, my "Hawaiian" breakfast, my "easy" breakfast, and GF coffee cake (although I always eat it with some type of protein dish).
  • Examples of nutrient laden recipes here.
  • I don't eat past 7 PM unless I haven't had supper--mostly because I'm pregnant right now and it's just uncomfortable.
  • Not specifically DIET related, but very important:  I am VERY particular about the quality of personal care products, supplements, and cleaning/household supplies I use on myself, my kids, and in my house.  I use it here because the vast majority of ALL those products I use can be eaten without harm ;)

*A quick bit of info on gluten:  There are a shitload of gluten sensitivity/celiac markers--over 60 known--and as of me writing this, the "medical" community can test for about six of them.  The ONLY way to know for sure if you are sensitive to gluten is to REMOVE IT COMPLETELY from your diet.  Sensitivities can crop up in any manner of ways--and most often (including for me) you may have no idea you're sensitive to it (mine manifested as sinus congestion/inflammation, headaches, and as severe GI upset, nausea, and vomiting).  It takes an average of SEVEN YEARS to get a correct celiac diagnosis (although this may be going down now).  Going gluten free doesn't work at an "80% of the time" level.  It has to be 100%, including ALL hidden sources and cross reactive foods, and I suggest for about 60 days.  Then, if you're not feeling at all any different than before you started, eat a small amount and pay massive attention to how you feel.  Heart racing?  Sweaty?  Itchy?  Anxious?  Sleepy?  Or just fine??  You have to be totally honest here, this is YOUR health.  I got "lucky" in that my sensitivity actually showed up on a lab test.  At the tender age of 31.  More info?  Dr. Tom O'Brien here...

Follow your intuition, ALWAYS.  For example, I've noticed that if I'm particularly run down, my sensitivities and nutritional needs change.  In my opinion, these are often related to the cravings I get on occasion, like my NEED for a fresh avocado with pink salt (no, I don't mean for an entire chocolate eclair cake during pregnancy--that to me suggests nutritional deficiencies as well as self care needs not being fulfilled!).

Right now, I'm at the tail end of TWO back to back colds.  I had to cut out peanut butter, coffee, and all cheese because it became very clear, almost immediate, that these foods were causing inflammation, and therefore increased mucus production, all of which can lead to a secondary infection.

While figuring out those additional sensitivities, I mitigate my alkalinity and inflammation as well.  I ate peanut butter and noticed an immediate increase in sinus pressure, coughing, and mucus production, so I did my version of a turmeric shot, drank lemon water and herbal tea, diffused oils, and ate raw garlic.  The effects are almost immediate for me, and often it will take care of a headache within minutes.

The bottom line for me? 

"Food can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison" 

~Ann Wigmore

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