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Obligatory gorgeous sunset pic, Oahu

Visiting Hawaii before a move is important for several reasons.  FInding your job, your home, and making sure it fits with your expectations are a few of the biggies.  And then there's the whole STAY-cation part; vacationing where you live when you live in's as good as it sounds...

Reminder:  This site is based on Oahu.  Of course, information on other islands will be filled in as they come!

Keep in mind, if you're visiting because you're planning on MOVING here, it makes sense to stay where you want to live.  If possible, book a rental on a site like VRBO, Flipkey, or Airbnb in your target area.  Look for something in which you'll be able to cook for yourself, shop locally, meet future neighbors, etc.

NOTE:  The word "kitchenette" can mean something different in Hawaii than it does in most other places I've traveled to.  Be aware of this and be specific, or you'll end up trying to feed a family of 4 with a hot plate and a dorm fridge.  Also, a lot of places don't have air conditioning or heat.  Ask lots of questions!

There are several ways to search for your accommodations in Hawaii, and there is some cross posting.  Here are a few types to get you started:

  • Budget Accommodations:
  • Moderate Accommodations:
  • High End Accommodations:
  • Luxury Accommodations:
  • Family Accommodations:
  • All Inclusive Accommodations:
  • Military Accommodations:
  • Extended Accommodations:

By Area on Oahu:

  • North Oahu, including Haliewa, Sunset Beach, Kahuku, Hauula
  • Central Oahu
  • West Oahu, including Kapolei, Makaha, Ewa Beach
  • South Oahu, including Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii Kai
  • East Oahu, including Kaneohe, Kailua, Lanikai, Waimanalo

Ideally, I'd recommend at least 2 separate visits (6 months apart) to Hawaii before you move, but I know for most of us, one trip is a stretch.  If you can swing two, I'd spend the first thoroughly checking out and then picking an area based around your priorities:  proximity to work, hobbies, interests, whatever.  Then use the second visit to nail down WHERE you will live:  find a local realtor and find your home.

Or, you can make like me and wing it.  When I moved in 2009, my boss had wanted me there within 5 days and I stretched it to ten.  I had a friend I'd planned to stay with for a time.  I arrived, and ended up having to find my own place within a week.  I then moved 9 times in 8 months. 

Being a single professional, I managed, but I'd be lying if I said it was easy.  I also spent a night in a borrowed Jeep due to a scheduling error (NOT my fault).  Do I regret it?  No.  But if I could do it over, I'd do it differently. 

Personal Recommendations:

View from hotel room, Maui

Having visited Hawaii more than once, there are a few hotels that I've stayed short term that I'd recommend:

What's the fun of having a site about Hawaii without a wishlist?  Here's mine as far as accommodations are concerned:

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