A Bit About Me

Beach chain in Florida

Hi!  I'm CJ, mom to two little boys ages 3 and 5 (update:  another on the way!), two furbabies, and wife to a military man.  I first visited Hawaii in 2008, and knew I'd found my "place". 

I got my wish for living in Hawaii just a year later by taking a huge leap of faith.  The move took me ten days, from successful interview to arrival. 

The job, the move, all of it worked out for me, in ways I never imagined.  When my (now former) ex-boyfriend returned to Hawaii from a deployment, we ended up married and pregnant within just 4 months...and with that marriage certificate came a set of orders that took us far from Hawaii.

Snorkeling in Shark's Cove, Oahu. Ever been treading water and someone tries to put an arm around you? :)

We visited a few times, returning to sell our now too small condo, and then the hubs deployed again in 2012.  I returned with my then two year old son and my little three week old son, this time to the Big Island.  After too short of a time, we packed up again and headed away from Hawaii. 

I've done some fairly creative rearranging of my life to be able to spend as much time as currently possible in Hawaii.  A lot of why I love Hawaii has to do with my personal health story (click for more info).  Side note:  My experiences are just that--mine.  Yours might be different.     

I have a degree in Anthropology and History, am fairly obsessed with holistic health and wellness, love to read, and anything to do with beaches, water sports, hiking, traveling, and most recently, gardening.  I prefer a minimalist life (a work in progress) and am working towards Waldorf-inspired travel homeschooling for my two kiddos. 

Rapelling in Mexico

There is STILL no sarcasm font, so this is your warning:  I am sarcastic.  I don't (usually) intend to offend.

And a side note, for good measure:  Being part of a military family, I take OPSEC and PERSEC seriously.  Operational Security and Personal Security are processes that protect unclassified information that may carry ramifications for soldiers (or sailors) and their families. 

And now for some completely random info:

  • I love challenges.  If it's not challenging or really important to me, I probably won't finish it.
  • I have a near eidetic memory.  My hubs and I call it my "creepy incidental" memory.  It's been much less impressive after having kids...
  • My two land manatees, err dogs, Lani and Kai, are named after my favorite Oahu beach--Lanikai.
  • I'm obsessed with books.  Hence the "minimalism in progress" thing.
  • Hubs and I once scheduled a layover in Honolulu (with our then 1 year old) on a flight from Maui to Alaska.  We rented a car for two hours and loaded up a crap-ton of luggage, JUST to eat at our favorite sushi restaurant.
  • I have ONE more of the 50 US states to visit.  I'm coming for YOU, Vermont!  UPDATE:  GOTCHA!!
  • My hubs and I got married on the 10th anniversary of our first date.  We were not together for the entire 10 years, and the coincidence was not planned!
  • Both of my sons were born outside of the US.
  • I absolutely spent a night in a Jeep in Hawaii due to an error when renting a new place.  Managed it, but don't recommend it.
  • I've never worked in Anthropology, but have used it in every single job I've ever had.  I'd love to continue on with it someday...

And a Bit About the Hubs...

He'd never write about himself, and he's deployed right now anyway, so...I'll go ahead and introduce you all :)

Wow, what to say?  He's a fantastic guy with a great work ethic and an overriding need to take care of me and our boys.  He's got a deep connection with all things nature, and prior to "us" spent most of his (rare) free time hiking, backpacking, swimming, and just generally being outdoors. 

He was stationed in Hawaii from 2006 to 2009, and took full advantage of it by exploring the islands every chance he got, when he wasn't deployed, that is.  He is also a military pilot, so any sort of aerial shots you might find here are all his. 

He's also contributing several pages to the site, since he has more experience in certain areas (such as hiking) than I do, and he's got a glut of stories to share. 

A few bits of random info on the Hubs, as written by his wife:

  • Visited all 50 states (in 30 years)
  • Split a 20 pack of Red Bull with a friend on a fast overnight move from MD to FL, and woke up in a parking lot with no recollection of having stopped for the night
  • Slept through mortars being chucked outside a concrete bunker during a training exercise...which leads me to...
  • Can nap anywhere, anytime, in any position!  (including a chair next to my hospital bed WHILE IN LABOR.  Both times.)
  • Was an only child for 12 years until his awesome sister arrived
  • Saved his childhood legos for the day that he'd have his own kids...almost two tote bins' worth.  They've since become the bane of my existence.

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