Aloha!  E Komo Mai! 

So, you're interested in moving to and living in Hawaii?

Or, you’d like to plan a trip to Hawaii and see if moving to Hawaii is right for you?  Which begs more questions...which island?  Can you swing the costs and the distance?  Where do you start?  What is it really like to live in Hawaii?

Kailua Beach, Oahu

Moving to and living in Hawaii can be exciting, fulfilling, and easy, with the right preparation and the right help.

I am gearing up for my third move to Hawaii from the US mainland.  I’ve made mistakes and learned from them.  I’ve done things right and upgraded them.  I’ve helped other friends with their moves to Hawaii, and got them out and LIVING HAWAII once they got there. 

So, wait, three times?  Yep, THREE times.  First, as a single professional redefining minimalism in 2009, a move that took a mere 10 days from job interview to sitting in Honolulu International atop a stack of luggage. 

Second, in 2012, as a military spouse with a not quite two year old and a newborn…and this is when I learned what an actual stack of luggage looks like. 

And third, upcoming in 2016, still as a mil-spouse, albeit a deployed spouse, with my 5 and 3 year old boys, and this time we’re tossing in our two furbabies.  Because, you know, trans-Pacific relocations aren’t hard enough.  

We have bought and sold realty in Hawaii.  We’ve rented rooms and houses.  We’ve vacationed to Hawaii in between our moves.  We’ve made Hawaii our first and second home, and have gained a family there. (Hi guys!!)

Sunset from our condo in Honolulu

I do love challenges.  And I love Hawaii.  I love helping others, too. 

The word “Hawaii” conjures up different ideas in different people. 

  •  Nights in a tent under a star filled sky?  Yep.
Rising Moon, Maui
  • Hiking trails that redefine "difficult" (aka, fun) as a rating?  Check.  
Olomana Ridge Trail, Oahu
  • Mai-tais and world class cuisine with live music?  Serene Pacific Ocean beaches in white, black, red, or green sand?  Historical and archaeological sites and museums?  Major universities, fantastic schools, world class hospitals??  YES!  Although, not always on the same island. 
Black Sand BeachBlack Sand Beach, Maui

It can be challenging, and it’s not for everyone.  Lots of people end up leaving after just a few months.  For some, like me, the rewards are the stuff dreams are made of.  So ask the right questions now, give honest answers, and do the dirty work.  It’s worth your effort from the start.

While most of the major moving information is the same for all islands, I'm going to start with info on moving to Oahu, aka Honolulu County.  With a major move in the works, I will be updating the site often, so dig through and make sure you keep in touch!   

My life is a disjointed, occasionally trying, wonderful adventure.  Being a military family, we can’t put down permanent roots just yet.  But, we’ve been knocking places off of our list of possibilities for years, and Hawaii just won’t give up.

Why wait to be where you want to be, LIVING the life you want to live?  Let's get MOVING!